10 online popular online courses in the UK

Distance learning is an effective way to have access to affordable education coupled with the benefit of no moving in costs. Dreaming of living in one of the most developed places, the United Kingdom. It is known for its remarkable facilities and diversified culture.

Procuring a master’s degree or want to pursue further courses after graduation could be lengthy and costly. To know about online courses in the UK could be tiresome given numerous choices of courses available. In this article, we have compiled the 10 best popular online courses in the UK. Let’s get started without further ado!

10 online popular online courses in the UK

1. ACCA Distance Learning Online- Accounting Courses

Ready to enhance your accounting skills? Osborne Training, a highly recognized institution in London,  presents ACCA qualification that helps you boost your accounting skills by learning professional values. It is designed for students who are enthusiastic about a career in accountancy or the finance sector.

Some of the perks you get by choosing ACCA at Osborne Training are highly expert teachers, world-class technology, free high-quality study material, free exam preparation kit, enhance your CV, discount on the fee structure, etc.

2. ACCA Applied Knowledge

Kaplan brings you with ACCA applied knowledge distance learning courses in the UK’s leading global provider in accounting, finance, and business training. This comprehensive course includes a deep understanding of the basics to finance and accountancy. A student must fulfill the requirements that are 3 GCSEs and 2 A levels.

This course covers 3 subjects, namely Accountant in Business, Management Accounting, and Financial Accounting. Study at our own pace as the course has flexible hours to complete the duration. You will be receiving the Diploma in Accounting and Business once you are done with the course.

3. Distance CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply Operations

SR Supply Chain Consultants brings you a Diploma in Procurement and Supply operations that aims at teaching you about first-line managers. It directs an individual and enhances its skills in making effective use of situations and information. It will help in improving analytical skills. The duration is flexible so that you can learn at your own pace.

4. Machine Learning Online Traning Bundle

Learning247 has this comprehensive course on Machine Learning, where you could learn new fields of computer programming. A few of the courses under this includes Machine learning- Deep learning and computer vision, Factor analysis, linear and logistic Regression, Python programming for beginner to intermediate, Twitter sentiment analysis in Python, and many more.

These connected programs are lengthy but give you insights into developing background topics. This will not only help in procuring knowledge but build you in every way there is related to the subject. They will provide you with the study material that also comes in handy after certification. The length of this course is 12 months, and you can play it on either Windows or Mac.

5. Start Writing Fiction

The Open University gives this course aims at teaching you all about fiction, how to start with your idea or develop characters. This course is taught by some famous well-established writers such as Loius de Bernieres, Patricia Duncker, Alex Garland, and many more.

This is an exciting course where you could give wings to your long-living wish to write your own novel or story. You will learn about how to develop an idea and convert it into a plot and a story. You will have the opportunity to review some of the books and ask to get feedback on your own. The topics covered by this course include the creation of characters in fiction, sources and background stories of the characters, read as a writer, practicing writing, creativity, and research, and finally, peer reviewing and the chance to attend workshops.

6. The Pharma ‘Mini-MBA’ Online Learning Programme

This course is presented to you by Falconbury Ltd, specializing in Business and management, legal training, and much more. This Pharma ‘Mini-MBA’ is the answer to your question of you think you are not good enough for the course. It is a tailormade course for Pharma executives to help them develop expert technical skills coupled with crucial business and management skills.

The MBA syllabus is inclusive of techniques needed by high-performing managers in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a 14 module online easy to use training course.

The Conclusion:

Above are some popular and valuable online courses in the UK which could help you develop skills in the comfort of your home. Online courses are highly demanded, especially with the current Pandemic situation. You can search for more courses like this on findcourses.co.uk.





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